Foamy Foam Machine – Large


Foamy Large Foam Machine – It produces over @4,000 cubic feet of foam in less than 5 minutes.  Excellent for parties of up to 125 people.



Foamalicious is now selling our spectacular handcrafted foam machines, Foam generators, and foam cannons. These Foam Machines come fully assembled ready to start for your foam party event. We offer lifetime warranties on all our foam machines.

When you purchase one of our machines you will be able to utilize any of our foam pictures and videos. All of our machines come with  *Lifetime warranties and instructions on how to properly run your event. Please make sure to look at our videos to truly see the output of our foam machines and see why they are the best in the industry!

    • Foamy Large Foam Machine – It produces over @4,000 cubic feet of foam in less than 5 minutes.  Excellent for parties of up to 125 people.

All of our foam machines are invented and manufactured by Foamalicious. They weigh as little as 47 lbs. up to 52 lbs. They are compact, light, and extremely durable! Perfect for all your foam party needs!

Ask about our trade up policy! We will buy that foam machine you bought some place else and sell you one of our foam machines. Don’t get stuck with a foam machine that puts out horrible foam! NO WE DO NOT SELL REFURBISHED MACHINES BECAUSE THEY ARE BUILT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!

We look forward in helping you achieve all that you can with our amazing foam machines!

*please contact our office for details on Limited Lifetime Warranties

Additional information

Weight 49 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 21 in
Foam Machine Specifications

49 lbs in total to ship (not including solution weight)
13 amps total with pump and machine.
Standard 110v

Your Purchase Includes

Foam Machine
Foam Machine Bag
Foam Machine Nozzle(s)
Hanging accessories (2 / O-Clamps)
Attached 22ft cord
Includes (1) submersible pump
6-15' Hose (to connected pump and foam machine)
4 – hose quick connects
Foam operating instructions/Owners Manual
Packing Sheet

Not Included In Your Purchase

Clean 55 Gallon Drum (to mix your solution and water)
Paddle/Stir stick (to mix your solution and water)
Extension power cord
Garden hose to fill drum
Power strip
Electricity to run rental 1-2 15 amp circuits
Truss system to hang your foam machine above people
People to party in your foam :-)

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