Foam Party Starter Package – 30′ Pit



Do you put on large events? Our record was 1k people in one of these foam pits! Then this package is for you. Also with Foamalicious as your big brother we are here to help you get started. Our experience is doing events as well as selling so know you will be helped with your endeavor.  We will help you with our trade secrets on setting up, breaking down, clean up, loading up, marketing and much more.


Your package will come with a 30’x30′ Inflatable foam pit with liner and blower, two new Infinite Foam Machines, and 10 Gallons of our amazing Organic and Toxic Free Foam Solution.

1- 30×30 Inflatable foam pit (your custom colors)

2 – Infinite Foam Machine

2 – 5 Gallons of Organic Foam Solution (total of 10 gallons)

Price does not include freight to your address and will be charged once we are ready to ship.

**Due to the overwhelming amount of orders, wait time can take up to 90 days**


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